Daily Crime Updates

September Daily Crime Reports


Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs

Prevention Plan Purpose:
Anoka-Ramsey Community College and Anoka Technical College are committed to the well-being of our campus community including students, employees, and visitors. The Colleges have taken numerous steps to maintain a safe learning environment for all. We  encourages students, employees, and visitors to take appropriate steps to insure their own personal health and safety. We encourage all to report suspicious individuals, activities, suspected substance abuse or hazardous conditions immediately.


(The link above is for the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Prevention Plan.  However, this does apply for Anoka Technical College as well.  ATC’s actual plan will be added at a later time).

Memo of Understanding (MOU)

MOU –  contract language between the college and the local city police

Student Affairs with Public Safety are presenting the following MOUs In accordance with Federal Clery and Violence Against Women Acts, and also with State Laws 135A.15 (2015), and 626.891 to include Mn paragraph 69, Article 4 and Sections 2,3, the following MOUs are posted for Campus Sexual Assault response and investigations involving lo(contract language between college and city police)cal law enforcement.

 Here are important policies regarding sexual assault, domestic violence, State of MN, stalking and dating violence:




In addition, you can contact Student Affairs, identified Campus Security Authority personnel, Public Safety or local law enforcement direct for matters relating to campus sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic abuse, stalking or dating violence.


MOU Cambridge


Star Alert




To receive college closing or emergency communications:

Register for STAR ALERTS

The quickest way to receive emergency messages by text, email or voicemail is to sign up for STAR ALERTS.

WCCO: Refer to WCCO Radio (830 AM)

PHONE: A recorded message will be available at 763-433-1100


Example – Ohio State’s Public Safety sent a STARALERT withing minutes of the active shooter attack in 2016.

Ohio state.jpg